How does this work again?


You have stumbled into my little world. Or something.
How does one start the first post on a blog? Do I just repeat everything from the About page?
I used to be good at this, or at least that’s what I like to think. When I was younger and more fearless I had several web pages, blogs and online diaries, but as I got older I got more self-conscious and one by one they were deleted.

Except I mean, all the posts have long been deleted, but the blog itself has been lying in wait. Waiting for the day I once more decided to be brave and let’s face it: Narcissistic.

Honestly, the main reason why I all of a sudden had to do something with is that I’m procrastinating (Procrastinators unite!). See, I’m supposed to be studying for my CCENT certification, but I don’t want tooooo. This will be my third time I try for CCENT, so you would think I know the stuff by now. But no, routing kicks my butt every time.

The book is mocking me


Anywho, we’ll see how long I keep up with this blogging before I freak out and delete everything again. My life is honestly not that interesting, I go to work, go home and avoid people. I’m sure will be super interesting. Don’t you?